Supporting Local Farms and Bringing Fresh, Affordable Hilltown-Grown Produce to Our Communities.


Thursdays in 
3:00PM - 5:00PM
The Maples
48 Old North Rd

Fridays in 
3:00PM - 5:00PM
Stanton Hall Green
24 Russell Rd

Join us for FREE cooking demonstrations utilizing fresh, local produce during our September markets from 3-5pm!

We are grateful to Amber Letourneau, Nutrition Specialist at the Food Bank of Western Mass for leading these healthy cooking demos.  

Come learn (and taste!) something new!  And please spread the word!



The Hilltown Mobile Market is an innovative project to increase the availability of fresh, local, and affordable produce to Hilltown residents. In 2019 we are offering two "pop-up" farm stands in Worthington and Huntington for 10 weeks.  Produce from multiple local farms will be offered for sale and everyone is welcome to shop.  We proudly accept many forms of payment: cash, credit, debit, SNAP, WIC, and Senior FMNP Coupons.  


In addition to our weekly markets, we are also offering a special farm share program  (sold out) that allows customers in both locations to pick-up a small weekly share of local produce for $5/week.  Customers paying with SNAP can also receive a full refund through the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP).  This 10-week farm share is worth $175 and is designed for senior and small households (although you are welcome to sign up for more than one!)  It is the perfect way to enjoy fresh, healthy local food all summer long.



Here are the farms participating in the 2019 Mobile Market Pilot Project:


Crabapple Farm (Chesterfield)

Berniche Blueberry Farm (Chesterfield)

Hart Farm (Conway)

Intervale Farm (Westhampton)

Four Corners Farm (Worthington)

Sawyer Farm (Worthington)

Mansfield Farm (Worthington)


Local Distributors:

Marty's Local



Buying local foods supports local economies and expresses an investment in community and relationship within community. Through buying produce at local farms, we investing financially in our own community, which, in turn, helps the community to grow socially and economically.  Additionally, supporting local has positive effects on the relationship between your community and the environment. Having a closer proximity to the farms you are purchasing produce from reduces pollution associated with transportation, refrigeration, packaging, and carbon emissions.  It also is more likely to support smaller family farms using more environmentally-conscious growing practices that protect and enhance local water resources, soil fertility, and clean air.  Lastly, knowing where your food comes from is also essential in creating a more just and sustainable society, increasing our knowledge of farming practices, giving us more control over what we eat, and allowing for the creation of deeper and more meaningful relationships between and among farmers and consumers. This also, in turn, helps to increase food security through increased accessibility. The Hilltown Mobile Food Market aims to increase the availability and accessibility of local foods to Hilltown residents, thereby supporting farmers, allowing for more food secure residents, and a more cohesive Hilltown community as a whole.




Want to know how to cook your farm fresh veggies? Or looking for new recipes?  

Check out THESE IDEAS to see recipes specifically for the Hilltown Mobile Market!


This project was made possible by a grant from the MA Attorney General's Office

Collaborators include:


Healthy Hampshire

Hilltown CDC

Hilltown Community Health Centers

Hilltown Food Council

Hilltown Food Pantry

Northern Hilltown COA Consortium

Huntington COA

Blandford COA

Chester COA


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